Sunday, March 30, 2008

look what we found!

so...yesterday morning and this morning we were just going about our day and we looked out our front door and this is what we saw! we couldn't believe it! abner was loving it! he kept meowing and making these strange noises...he makes this noise when he sees birds and squirrels and apprently ducks too! so i fed them and abner curiously watched!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

accidental deletion

so in the spirit of trying to multi-task (trying to upload pictures, update our blog, check my e-mail, and i'm jamming to david archuleta)...i accidentally deleted our blog! i know some of you are probably do you 'accidentally' delete you blog...but its was an aaron and i started brainstorming for a new improved blog title and in true fashion, aaron wanted something that had to do with we came up with the woolsey line up

starting shortstop and mvp of team woolsey is aaron 'speedo' woolsey
(he wanted to see how he looked with a combover)

starting first baseman is wallace 'cankles' woolsey
(who now weighs in at a whopping 33 pounds! he's doubled in size since the last dr. visit)

starting centerfield is abner 'jordan' woolsey

starting pitcher is amy 'betty crocker' woolsey

starting catcher is gertie 'lazy girl' woolsey

(who has gained 7 pounds since her last dr. visit...she now weighs in around 22 pounds)

this is us for now...i promise i won't delete this one!