Saturday, March 29, 2008

accidental deletion

so in the spirit of trying to multi-task (trying to upload pictures, update our blog, check my e-mail, and i'm jamming to david archuleta)...i accidentally deleted our blog! i know some of you are probably do you 'accidentally' delete you blog...but its was an aaron and i started brainstorming for a new improved blog title and in true fashion, aaron wanted something that had to do with we came up with the woolsey line up

starting shortstop and mvp of team woolsey is aaron 'speedo' woolsey
(he wanted to see how he looked with a combover)

starting first baseman is wallace 'cankles' woolsey
(who now weighs in at a whopping 33 pounds! he's doubled in size since the last dr. visit)

starting centerfield is abner 'jordan' woolsey

starting pitcher is amy 'betty crocker' woolsey

starting catcher is gertie 'lazy girl' woolsey

(who has gained 7 pounds since her last dr. visit...she now weighs in around 22 pounds)

this is us for now...i promise i won't delete this one!


rahkinch said...

how precious is your little family! miss you like crazy. trevor and i are still trying to plan a trip for early summer, probably after we get back from mike and kristyn's wedding. i'll let you know! love you!

Josh and Kate plus 1 said...


Jeremy and Emily said...

i'm so glad you're back. deleting a blog is completely something i would do so i don't think you're crazy. haha.

aaron!! loving the hair! i fully expect to see it on the next fashion show!

:) hope you guys are well.

brent said...

brutal hair aaron, but at least you have some...i appreciate the new blog title...well done on the announcement of it amy! wish we could see you guys sometime soon! take care!

Deanne Maureen said...

Ame, I miss you!!! We need to talk soon! I love your new page and I want to meet your new puppies so badly! You must tell me next time you and Aaron are up in Alma because it's really not far from me and Matt. I need to see you, my dear! You are my favorite. :) I lu you.