Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy wedding!

this last weekend good friends of ours were finally married after 7 years of dating! woo hoo! i've known romi since as long as i can remember! our families were always together during our growing up years...and i have many wonderful memories with her and her family! and i've known kirby since middle school! then romi and kirby both went to anderson, where aaron and i both went, so we were able to see each other there too! anyway...the ceremony was so personal and thoughtful...i loved it! everything else was so beautiful! romi definitely was able to have the wedding of her dreams! now they're in greece...just enjoying being married! here are a few pictures that i stole from friends! :)



Jeremy and Emily said...


Anonymous said...

did tom build that chapel just for the wedding?

Meghan said...

there were only elipses and exclamation markes in this post.