Monday, June 30, 2008

woolsey wedding #3

well, we made our way up to alma, michigan this last week to see aaron's little brother, justin, get married! he and stacey finally tied the knot! they were high school sweethearts! :) we went up on tuesday to indianapolis and drove up to michigan with aaron's older brother, ryan, and his wife lindsay. the boys enjoyed a tigers vs. cardinals baseball game in detroit, a round of golf, and a night at the soaring eagle (justin and stacey won $115 total) it was a fun weekend of wedded bliss! we also were able to see our good friends from college, adam and lindsey newton and their sweet baby, joshua! it was really great seeing them and hopefully we won't wait 3 more years to see each other again... oh! all the woolsey brothers enjoyed spending time with emmitt, the family pet...he's 13 years old and may not be around for much longer...poor thing...but everyone enjoyed loving on him! so here are some pictures of our week in michigan!

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Jeremy and Emily said...

ames you look GREAT! fabulous as always!