Monday, July 28, 2008

wedding 1:3

aaron and i just got back yesterday from indiana! we were gone a total of 10 days! we didn't choose to be gone that long, but certain circumstances changed our original plans and we ended up having a long vacation! :) we drove up to anderson a week ago friday for chris' funeral...and it was such a wonderful celebration of his life! i learned so much about him! i haven't been to many funerals, but his was so personal and truly full of joy! we will all miss him, but what a way to say goodbye! then...we were able to relax and spend some time with aaron's brothers + wives, ryan and lindsay, and justin and stacey. now that we're all out of school, we don't make it up there that often, so it was nice being all together. i think the 'boys' all enjoyed being together again. aaron took in a few golf games (5 i think) and i had a few shopping trips (also 5 i think) :) we had a great week! to cap off our week there, aaron was in one of his best friend's wedding! ryan and stephanie were married friday evening and it was such a fun wedding! stephanie looked beautiful and i know that aaron really loved getting to spend so much time with weiss and his other roomates/buddies from school. it was also fun for me to see a lot of my friends from school that i haven't seen since my wedding! enjoy the pics!

we have courtney and jeremy's wedding this upcoming weekend! we can't wait for that! pictures will be up to show the festivities of the week!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

remembering chris

i just wanted to a moment to honor/remember chris seelbach. he passed away last night while he was on a work trip in illinois. he and his fiance, lauren were to be married august 9. Its hard to believe that we saw him just a few short weeks ago at justin and stacey's wedding. chris was a true joy to be around. he had the gift of making people laugh and he was always kind to everyone he met. i didn't know chris as well as aaron and the rest of the woolsey family, but i do know that he was a wonderful man that will be deeply missed. aaron, justin, and especially ryan (they were the same age), knew chris and his family very well. they all grew up in alma, michigan and then all went to anderson together. please be praying for the seelbach family and lauren while they learn to deal with chris' loss and the grief and sadness that come with that. pray that they may be comforted by God's love during this difficult time. thank you!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

happy birthday america

what a relaxing weekend! aaron and i had friday off and we did whatever we wanted! aaron worked in the yard and i laid out on our back porch and had aaron hose me down when i was hot...i told him it was like i have my every own pool boy :) we played with our dogs, picked blackberries with mom and dad, went to a fun fourth of july cook-out, watched federer lose (what a bummer)...we just did a lot of nothing and it felt wonderful! we are NOT looking forward to get up early and head to work tomorrow...i'm sure the rest of america is with us on that... i thought about july 4 a little more this weekend and what it truly means to be free...and i couldn't help but think of our many troops who are literally fighting to keep us free. we are able to experience so many freedoms and opportunities here in america that i often forget or take for granted. i am thankful for my life and the freedoms i have as an american. :) here are some pictures! yay! oh! while i'm typing...i may as well plug mom and dad's farm... if you want some fresh blackberries that you can pick yourself (its surprisingly fun) then you should check out my parents farm! i just know you'll love it! :) family farm