Sunday, July 6, 2008

happy birthday america

what a relaxing weekend! aaron and i had friday off and we did whatever we wanted! aaron worked in the yard and i laid out on our back porch and had aaron hose me down when i was hot...i told him it was like i have my every own pool boy :) we played with our dogs, picked blackberries with mom and dad, went to a fun fourth of july cook-out, watched federer lose (what a bummer)...we just did a lot of nothing and it felt wonderful! we are NOT looking forward to get up early and head to work tomorrow...i'm sure the rest of america is with us on that... i thought about july 4 a little more this weekend and what it truly means to be free...and i couldn't help but think of our many troops who are literally fighting to keep us free. we are able to experience so many freedoms and opportunities here in america that i often forget or take for granted. i am thankful for my life and the freedoms i have as an american. :) here are some pictures! yay! oh! while i'm typing...i may as well plug mom and dad's farm... if you want some fresh blackberries that you can pick yourself (its surprisingly fun) then you should check out my parents farm! i just know you'll love it! :) family farm

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