Monday, October 20, 2008

sarah and trevor's wedding

what a weekend! i flew up to indiana this weekend to go to my friend, sarah's wedding. well, i got to indiana, but never made it to the wedding. my roomate from college, meghan, was my date to the wedding. she was in town visiting her family for the week, so she went with me. we were on our way to the wedding, and we were rear-ended, sending us into the car infront of us! ahh! the lady hit us pretty hard, but luckily nobody was hurt! it was a big mess! so needless to say, we didn't make it...and i was so bummed! that was the whole reason i went to indiana! however, it was so wonderful seeing all my friends that i haven't seen since my wedding! i've seen a few since then, but its always nice seeing old friends. here are some pics from my trip.

please remember aaron in your prayers this week and next. he is going to africa with my dad, his dad, my aunt and uncle, and many others that are close to my heart. pray for safety and an open heart! :)


Jeremy and Emily said...

Amy! I'm so happy to hear you're okay! How scary!

I'll definitely be praying for Aaron and the fam!

What will you do to keep busy? :)

PS- you look beautiful in those pics...

Adam, Lindsey and Joshua said...

Hey Ames! I love the shirt you are wearing in these pictures!!!! Thank goodness you both are ok!

Aaron you are in our prayers!

rahkinch said...

Let's talk about how sad Sarah is. I'm back from Mexico and calling you this week.