Sunday, November 2, 2008

he's home!

just to give you a little background info on how aaron even came to go to africa. my dad went to china a few years ago with a friend of his named dick greenley, to give a remote village fresh water by installing solar panels for a water pump. he didn't really have the best time, because he didn't know much about water pumps... so at the beginning of the year, dick asked him to go to sierra leone, africa to do the same kind of trip. he had never been to africa, so he decided to go. he absolutely fell in love with it! this last trip that aaron went on was my dad's 4th trip this year! he plans on going back 4 times a year from now on...its insane! i like to joke that its his mid-life crisis :) he and my mom sponser 11 children! the trips have usually consisted of just going to the wellington orphanage and playing with the 78 children that live there. pastor hassan has taken in all of these children, who unfortunately were left for dead during the civil war that went on in sierra leone. they all have such horrific stories about their parents being killed, being sold themselves for food, etc. i can't even wrap my head around the amount of life that these kids have lived in their short 14 +/- years of life!

so...aaron and the rest of the group arrived home yesterday. they all had such a wonderful time, with the exception of all getting a head cold. aaron said the pollution there is terrible, and its dusty, etc. so maybe that explains the colds... but it was unanymous that the children are amazing! i guess they have the best spirits! so energetic and joyful! they all love the Lord and love sharing their testimonies! he also said it was super hot! they sweat in their sleep! also, they were able to go to the beach one day and do an upwards of 50 something cool! anyway, someday i'll go...but in the mean time, here are some pictures! enjoy! thank you for all your prayers! if you want more info on the ministry they go to africa with its called 4H.I.M. Also if you want to see more of aaron's pictures, you can see them here

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~Christy said...

WOW!!! I am so proud of aaron! I have never been on a mission trip and i know i am totally missing out...that is a huge life goal of mine! there is nothing like getting a lesson in humanity every once in a while!