Sunday, February 15, 2009

sugar momma

since taking the cake decorating class at francis tuttle with lysa, i have been enjoying making cakes to practice and simply because i love baking! well, i was slaving away in the kitchen one night and aaron came in and nicely told me that baking is taking over my life and he's going to start calling me his sugar momma! ...and that i should start a business, calling it 'sugar momma' :) well, this saturday i had my first paying cake job! courtney and jeremy came into town this weekend so they could throw courtney's friend, sarah, a baby shower and she asked me to make the baby shower cake! i had a whole plan about making the cakes thursday night and decorating the cakes friday, that way its a few hours of work one night, and a few hours of work the next day. well, thursday night i made the cakes and 2 of them broke in half! ahhh! so i had to start completely over friday. aaron and i celebrated valentine's day on friday, so i didn't get started until 8:00 pm...and i didn't finish until 3:30 am! i was so tired! and i felt like it showed in the cake...i feel like it could have been a little better...but it was a hit at the shower! so all my hours of hard work paid off. here is the finished product (the cake is mimicking the invites - blue paisley/flowers)


Adam, Lindsey and Joshua said...

Amy that cake it BEAUTIFUL!!!!

TheNoels said...

AMES. That's amazing!