Sunday, March 29, 2009

embarrassed party of one

so, i woke up yesterday and had my orange/grapefruit juice mixture like i do every morning, and then i hit up sonic and had a burger.  around 12:30, i arrived to obi to give blood.  surprisingly, i did NOT get deferred for a high pulse! (i usually get deferred 2/3 times due to my pulse being sky high) so everything was fine, i went and sat in my chair and gave my one unit.  after i was finished i sat there for about 5-10 minutes and then i left.  i thought i would go to hobby lobby since it was just across the street, to check out decorative chests...  well, i'm walking around talking to aaron on the phone asking him to give me some dimensions and i start getting a little light i just park it in my isle on the floor.  a hobby lobby employee walks by and confusingly asks me if i need anything and i told her that i would like to purchase the trunk i was sitting by, and so i asked her if she could have someone go get a cart to help me take it to the front (this trunk is 3.5'x2'x2', so its big) i patiently wait on the floor until a nice man comes and gets it down for me.  so i stand up and walk about 10 feet and i start feeling light headed again and so i explain to him that i just gave blood and i'm feeling a little weak, but i'm fine...i just need to sit down again.  well i sat down, and then i passed out.  when i came to, a nice lady looked at me strangely, because i was sprawled out on the floor of hobby lobby, and asks me if i'm okay and again i explained that i had just given blood and feel a little woozy, but i'm fine...well i go to stand up and i passed out again!  then another nice lady asks me the same question, 'mam...are you okay?' and i kindly explain for the third time now, that i had just given blood and am a little weak, but i'm fine! then she says, 'oh wow, you're bleeding!'  

then i suddenly feel the throbbing in the back of my head, so i just lay on the floor a while (thinking the whole time, HOW EMBARRASSING!) and the nice man who was helping me with the trunk brought me some gum and water and then nice lady number 2 suggested i eat some sugar (which i gave up for lent...ALL sweets)...but due to how i was feeling, i obliged and ate half of a snickers bar.  i think i passed out again...and just stayed on the floor for a while longer.  then i started to feel a little better so someone brought me a chair to sit on in the middle of the floor, so i wouldn't have to lay on the ground like a weirdo.  after i sat in the chair a while, pam (nice lady number 2) suggested i go get my head checked out since i was bleeding, so i called aaron to come and pick me up and she said she would stay with me while i waited, because she was afraid i would pass out again.  then the manager of hobby lobby comes over and asks me how i'm feeling, and i tell him i'm feeling a little better.  in the mean time, aaron arrives at hobby lobby and calls courtney and asks her what he can do, and she tells him i need more sugar.  so aaron asks the manager to get me a dr. pepper.  he brings it over and i drink about half and i feel WAY better, although i had 5 people tell me that i looked extremely pale... so after almost passing out one last time, aaron takes me to the mercy after hours clinic to get my head checked out and here is what they did...

5 staples in my head!  

sorry for the graphic pictures and the ones that are a little grainy, they're from my phone and i couldn't figure out how to upload pictures from my phone, so they're pictures of the pictures from my phone  :)

and after we left the after hours clinic, i insisted that we return to
 hobby lobby to purchase the desired trunk, which we did...and i really love it

so at the end of the day, i was pretty embarrassed that i passed out at hobby lobby, hit my head, and needed 5 staples in my head...i learned my sugar after donating

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

grease lightnen

so, this last weekend we all ventured back down to austin to see kyle in his second post college play, grease! kyle played eugene, the nerd. this part couldn't have been more perfect for him...ha! in the playbook, he mentioned that he plays the nerd every other day as well, so eugene fit him perfectly. the play was so good! the singing, the acting...everything was done so well! aaron and i and my parents headed down with jill, randy, and their girls, and jill's sister jenny and her boyfriend, patrick. the weekend was full of laughter and fun with the family :) here are some pictures from the weekend

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day

i thought i would make aaron a little treat consisting of all the women in his life... :)

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Friday, March 13, 2009

happy late birthday bret

so...this is a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRET! our good friends amy and bret had a poker themed birthday for bret last weekend and it was so fun! it was originally supposed to be a surprise party, but due to bret's many questions and amy's inability to pull off a good lie, he found out. ha! but it was still a lot of fun, and i learned how to play texas hold em. i still have a lot to learn... aaron and i feel so blessed to have such a fun, special relationship with bret and amy! i volunteered to make bret's birthday have a look (i know it looks like a 5th grader wrote on the cake...the icing was a bit runnier than i prefer...) bret turned 27, so i put a 2 card and a 7 card on the cake :)