Tuesday, March 24, 2009

grease lightnen

so, this last weekend we all ventured back down to austin to see kyle in his second post college play, grease! kyle played eugene, the nerd. this part couldn't have been more perfect for him...ha! in the playbook, he mentioned that he plays the nerd every other day as well, so eugene fit him perfectly. the play was so good! the singing, the acting...everything was done so well! aaron and i and my parents headed down with jill, randy, and their girls, and jill's sister jenny and her boyfriend, patrick. the weekend was full of laughter and fun with the family :) here are some pictures from the weekend


emarie said...

looks like fun- i love musicals/shows! good times!

Adam, Lindsey and Joshua said...

What fun!

Amanda said...

You and your husband are so precious!!! I love you!!! (and your sweet mom--loved seeing her in the pictures!!)