Friday, April 24, 2009

happy birthday holls

rise and shine, holly's nine! just kidding, holly is thirteen! i can't believe it! i have spent the evening at the mall with 15 twelve/thirteen year olds! the party started off with pizza and cupcakes (that looked like owls)

and then we moved on to the main event...a scavenger hunt IN the mall! jill is so creative! my team consisted of holly, peyton, paige, tori, and madeline. WE WON!

1. our birthday girl's name is holly. what popular store name contains her name. group pic at this wooden storefront. (HOLLISTER)

2. two words in this stores name. first word clue: summer's comin', what happens when you jump in the pool? second word clue: what animal barks besides a dog? geroup pic with any high heels (WET SEAL)

3. lions and tigers and bears, oh my! earrings and purse at _ L _ _R _S, oh my! group pic with a purse. (CLAIRE'S)

4. it's no secret it's in to wear pink. pick a bra whichever you think. take a pic of your group with this item. (VICTORIA'S SECRET)

5. he's 17 again, and sure is groovy! what times is his movie. write times here _______

6. it sets in the west, but don't sweat it! pick your favorite dvd and take a pic

7. one of holly's favorite shops, full of webkins make her hop. take a picture of your group in this card shop. chop, chop, chop

8. holly's aunt is known for her pies. aunt dianne always has candy. this aunt makes pretzels that are fine and dandy. take a group picture at this location.


happy 13th birthday holly! we love you!

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