Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy memorial day weekend

aaron and i mozied up to michigan for a long weekend to spend time with aaron's family. it was so nice being there, seeing as how we hadn't been up since justin's wedding last june! we got there wednesday evening and didn't really do much.

thursday aaron and i drove down to lansing, michigan and i spent the day with one of my college roomates, deanne, and aaron went golfing with one of his roomates from college!

then on friday, we headed up to macinac island! we hit up burger king for lunch and then it was off to the island! it was beautiful! the weather couldn't have been better! we took a ferry over to the island and walked around and admired all the tulips, bought fudge, went to see the grand hotel and got some ice cream!

aaron acting like he's seasick and puking off the side of the ferry :)

then on friday we all went to the highland festival! alma, michigan (aaron's hometown) is known as 'scotland USA' and people come to this festival from all over the world! there were numerous bagpipe bands and miss michigan was even there! its neat to see everyone come together to take part in the parade and the other festivies throughout the weekend.

the rest of the weekend was spent lounging around the house and watching movies, playing golf, and eating, eating, and more eating :)

and lastly, may we have a moment of silence for our sweet, sweet emmitt (aaron's childhood dog) he's being put down this week and we're all so sad! he's 14 years old and is very thin and bony and has a real hard time getting around. and with ron and jackie leaving for a month for sabatical, the vet thinks he will go down hill, fast...so this is the best option. we will miss you eeeeeeeeeeeemmeeeeeeeeeeeee

thank you woolseys for hosting 6 kids for a long weekend! we all had a great time!

Monday, May 18, 2009

a few things

so we've been pretty busy lately...i guess that's what happens during the month of may. overall, things are going well for us!

holly had her end of the year band concert and she did great! she plays clarinet, and this was her first year being in band. next year she is playing the oboe. good luck holls!

then abby graduated from eighth grade! i just can't believe that she is going on 15! she will be graduating at deer creek, class of 2013!

lastly, some friends of mine from high school walked the 'hearts for hearing' 5k! it started at 8:00 am and it was cold and rainy! boo! but we all had fun catching up

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

there's a first for everything

my first, official 'bake job'!!! a friend of mine, amanda, from bsf, her husband, colby, works for young life here in okc and he called me and asked if i would be interested in making a goody (0r 140 goodies) for the golfer's 'diddy bags' and of course, i welcomed the opportunity!

my lovely husband stayed up until almost 1:00 am helping me ice them and bag them! fast forward to this morning and he woke up with me around 5:00 am(ish) and helped me load them up and deliver them to the golf course! :) he's so good to me

here was the finished product

the logo 'sugarbeets' is something that my mom came up with. she and i have been toying with the idea of opening up a bakery/cafe or doing some sort of cooking/baking business...and she has called me sugarbeet since i was born :) so that's where the name came from and my friend, julie, came up with the cute logo for me