Monday, May 11, 2009

there's a first for everything

my first, official 'bake job'!!! a friend of mine, amanda, from bsf, her husband, colby, works for young life here in okc and he called me and asked if i would be interested in making a goody (0r 140 goodies) for the golfer's 'diddy bags' and of course, i welcomed the opportunity!

my lovely husband stayed up until almost 1:00 am helping me ice them and bag them! fast forward to this morning and he woke up with me around 5:00 am(ish) and helped me load them up and deliver them to the golf course! :) he's so good to me

here was the finished product

the logo 'sugarbeets' is something that my mom came up with. she and i have been toying with the idea of opening up a bakery/cafe or doing some sort of cooking/baking business...and she has called me sugarbeet since i was born :) so that's where the name came from and my friend, julie, came up with the cute logo for me


TheNoels said...

You are adorable. And so is your packaging. How does one go about placing an order to Sugarbeets? :)

Nan-Nan said...

Just. Shut. Up. Right. Now. YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! And so professional, Ames! Of course, I will never call you anything BUT Sugarbeet again. What a great name! And what a great biz you and Cin would have! You gotta do it!