Monday, June 29, 2009

playing catch up

so...i wanted to share these with you...they're so cute! i made them for father's day, since most men love grilling out (although our family had mexican food) i found the idea here.

then we drove to indiana for a wedding. ryan and claire tied the knot and everything was wonderful! claire looked beautiful! and as you'll see, it was quite the dance party! :) and it was really fun seeing all of our friends from anderson...

and lastly, this is what i came home to! woo hoo! i can feel my thumb turning green as we speak (well, as i speak and you read) we planted these hydrangea plants about a week ago and i was really worried that they weren't going to make it...its already in the low 100's here and hydrangeas like shade...but even with shade its still so hot! keep your fingers crossed!

...but then i saw this...not too hot (or maybe too hot, literally)

that is what we've been up to lately...i'm gearing up for blackberry season, which will hopefully start in a week or so, so make sure you come out!

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Michelle said...

i can't wait for blackberry season! I loved the cupcakes they look so good!