Saturday, July 4, 2009

God bless the...

i always love the 4th of july and this year was no different. aaron and i had a very restful/relaxing day. he watched a hot dog eating contest on espn and i watched dirty dancing! then we were off to randy and jill's to watch fireworks in their neighborhood
(with homemade ice cream & my favorite new dessert).
we had a minor setback but that soon passed..

(if you can't tell, it was raining horizontally and lightening like crazy! and the whole neighborhood where we watched fireworks was without power...)

and here is what we watched, and who we watched with...

thank you mr. firework, thank you

please excuse the narration :) apparently the mic on my camera is very sensetive

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Illa said...

hi I was just blog browsing when i came across ur blog..from ur blog, cld see u have a very happy life and lots of optimism towards life. God bless u both with lots more happiness..:)