Monday, December 28, 2009


so...if you couldn't guess by seeing these pictures...aaron and i are having a baby! we are so excited! we're due july 4, 2010!

the pictures above are the ways that we decided to tell our loved ones.

picture 1: our christmas card
we sent this to all of our friends and family

picture 2: telling my extended family
we brought this to a family gathering and set it on the counter and as people wanted dessert, they wandered into the kitchen, opened it, read it, and started screaming 'does this mean what i think it means?!?!' so then everyone made their way into the kitchen and ate some cookiecake!

picture 3: my best friends/some family members
all of my best friends from college are scattered all over the country (alaska, washington, michigan, tennessee, etc.) so i couldn't tell any of them in person that i was pregnant, so i really wanted to come up with something creative and fun that i could send them...this is what i came up with. it was so fun hearing their reactions on the phone when they called telling me they received their prego sauce! we were able to tell some people in person, so we just gave them a wrapped prego sauce. :)

i'll keep you all posted on the happenings of our little one!