Tuesday, April 20, 2010

29.5 weeks

so here is my belly pic for 29.5 weeks...from hawaii!!

and this is how i'm feeling...things are starting to get uncomfortable

and here is a sneak peak of our trip here in maui

Saturday, April 17, 2010

big weekend

today was our first baby shower! woo hoo! thing are getting more and more real it seems...i can't believe it! my very best friend, kate, flew in from florida to throw me a baby shower with my other dear friends, courtney, carmen, cheri, and my aunt jill. they had it at the cutest tea room around...i loved every bit of it and baby aj and i felt an abundance of love! kate' pictures are better than mine, so i'm only going to post a couple...

and here is a hint at where we're going tomorrow...

those are the vies from the actual unit we'll be staying in! can you believe it?! we are so pumped! we're going to maui! i'll tell you more about it when we get back!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

28 weeks

so i went to the doctor yesterday for my 28 week checkup and she said everything looks perfect. i also had to get my RH- shot, which in layman's terms means that since my blood type is O- and more than likely aaron's blood type is something + (no one seems to know his blood type) that more than likely, baby's blood is something +. more people have a + blood type than a - one, so if that's the case, then my body will build up antibodies against baby's blood, so this shot should help tell my body not to do that. and i had to get the shot in the butt! how embarrassing...i've never had a shot in the butt before. i have a feeling i'm experiencing and will soon be experiencing a lot more firsts for me...

i also had my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. most doctor's offices have you drink some ultra sugary drink, but my doctor has formulated 2 meals that have the same sugar content as the drink...so i eat the meal and then exactly 2 hours later, i have my blood work done. and i have to say that on paper, it didn't really seem like tons of food to me...especially since i love breakfast food...but seeing the actual meal was different...so.much.food. see for yourself... i finished every last bite and was about to puke at the table i was so full!

then it was really great because when aaron and i were leaving ihop, we got to his truck and it wouldn't start! so we had to sit at ihop (stuffed) for 20 minutes waiting for someone to pick us up...great start to the day

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i hate to admit this...

but i am officially into the twilight books/movies...ugh! i never would that thought... i boycotted any and all things twilight until a few months ago when i saw that twilight was on tv, so i thought i'm not paying for this and i'm in the comfort of my own home - i may as well see what all the hype is about. so aaron and i watched it, and we were surprised at how much we liked it, but we still weren't entirely convinced. so a few weeks later, we went to the dollar movies for date night and watched the new moon movie. of course as we're leaving aaron says, 'i wish there was more vampire action - less romance' :) and after that, i decided to read the books because i am a true believer that books are always better than movies. that was 2 weeks ago, and i just finished the 4th book yesterday. i haven't been able to put them down! aaron couldn't wait for me to be finished...he thinks i'm lame for liking the books so much...

anyway, i had to get that off my chest...does anyone else have a pseudo-crush on edward cullen? no? just me? oh well...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

birthing class

so aaron and i had our childbirth class today. it was originally scheduled for may 1, and aaron reminded me just a few days ago that we had our childbirth class may 1 as well as a baby shower in indiana, may 1...we obviously can't be in both places at once. so i quickly called our hospital to see if we could reschedule, and the woman on the phone was certain we wouldn't be able to, seeing as how you have to register for these classes months in advance...but luckily, they had one opening and it was for today! so off we went...

we got a boatload of information on breathing techniques, labor positions, labor itself, preparing for baby, what happens after baby and everything in between! we watched a couple of birthing videos (which aaron had to turn his eyes a few times :) ) ...he didn't want to watch the epidural part of the video or the delivery of the placenta part of the video...and even that last part grosses me out! it was funny to see all the 'toys' our instructor had to help us wrap our heads around everything :)

this is a baby that is connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord - HA!

happy easter everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010