Thursday, April 8, 2010

28 weeks

so i went to the doctor yesterday for my 28 week checkup and she said everything looks perfect. i also had to get my RH- shot, which in layman's terms means that since my blood type is O- and more than likely aaron's blood type is something + (no one seems to know his blood type) that more than likely, baby's blood is something +. more people have a + blood type than a - one, so if that's the case, then my body will build up antibodies against baby's blood, so this shot should help tell my body not to do that. and i had to get the shot in the butt! how embarrassing...i've never had a shot in the butt before. i have a feeling i'm experiencing and will soon be experiencing a lot more firsts for me...

i also had my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. most doctor's offices have you drink some ultra sugary drink, but my doctor has formulated 2 meals that have the same sugar content as the i eat the meal and then exactly 2 hours later, i have my blood work done. and i have to say that on paper, it didn't really seem like tons of food to me...especially since i love breakfast food...but seeing the actual meal was see for yourself... i finished every last bite and was about to puke at the table i was so full!

then it was really great because when aaron and i were leaving ihop, we got to his truck and it wouldn't start! so we had to sit at ihop (stuffed) for 20 minutes waiting for someone to pick us up...great start to the day