Saturday, April 3, 2010

birthing class

so aaron and i had our childbirth class today. it was originally scheduled for may 1, and aaron reminded me just a few days ago that we had our childbirth class may 1 as well as a baby shower in indiana, may 1...we obviously can't be in both places at once. so i quickly called our hospital to see if we could reschedule, and the woman on the phone was certain we wouldn't be able to, seeing as how you have to register for these classes months in advance...but luckily, they had one opening and it was for today! so off we went...

we got a boatload of information on breathing techniques, labor positions, labor itself, preparing for baby, what happens after baby and everything in between! we watched a couple of birthing videos (which aaron had to turn his eyes a few times :) ) ...he didn't want to watch the epidural part of the video or the delivery of the placenta part of the video...and even that last part grosses me out! it was funny to see all the 'toys' our instructor had to help us wrap our heads around everything :)

this is a baby that is connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord - HA!

happy easter everyone!