Monday, June 28, 2010

1 month

can you believe that our sweet campbell is 1 month old today?!?! we can't! time has flown by, in 3 hour increments at a time :) she's growing wonderfully and is so pleasant! she eats great, sleeps great, and is overall a very happy baby! we love her so much!

here are some campbell tid-bits:
-she just started wearing newborn diapers (up from preemie)
-she has great neck strength already, but doesn't really care for tummy time
-she has the cutest gummy smile and quasi laugh
-her eyes are still blue
-all her clothes are still too big, with the exception of her preemie clothes
-she told me she really wants to go see twilight: eclipse
-she loves going to church and loves worshiping
-she's looking forward to working the berry hut this saturday at the farm with me, abby, and grandpa


Leigh Ann said...

i love your blog, AND you. i think i'll come pick some berries this weekend!

xo - LAT

danielle said...

can we please go to dinner soon?! i need to meet precious campbell!!

nrmartin said...

WOW Amy and Aaron, she sure is growing fast. I bought Caleb one preemie outfit for right now, but I think he might get into newborn size quickly also. Campbell is darling. Looks like she is changing every week! I know Nana and Papa love this blog so they can see her.