Saturday, June 5, 2010

campbell's big debut

drum roll she is! she's no longer in hiding! :) i would have posted pictures sooner, but it was so sad to see her so beat up and i didn't want other people to have to see it either. last night her nurse was one of the nurses that was in the delivery room when i was laboring and saw campbell at her worst and she said last night 'she looks like a whole new baby!' ...but she's looking better with each passing day! last night we did a 'room stay' at the hospital with her to go through what a normal night would involve and if we had any questions or concerns, there was a nurse there to help. i love that they do this before they let preemies leave the really helped ease the anxiety. unfortunately, campbell wasn't able to really maintain her temperature, which then made her sleepy during feedings, so she didn't eat as much as she needed to, etc. its a cycle. so we were hoping to get to bring her home this morning, but that didn't happen. they decided to keep her and monitor her for a few more hours to see if her temperature went up and she ate better - WHICH SHE DID! :) so, we were able to bring her home this afternoon! we got home around 4 pm.


Lindsey said...

She is beautiful!

mjfoster said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. She is absolutely beautiful!