Thursday, July 22, 2010

terminal ventricle

the reason why campbell had an ultrasound on friday was to see if she could have a tethered spinal cord. well, she doesn't have that, she has terminal ventricle. i guess the best way to describe it is, she has fluid at the base of her spine. she now has to see a neurosurgeon, who wants to do an mri...the problem is, is that she's only 42 weeks post-conception and doctors typically don't like to sedate babies until they are 56ish weeks post-conception. we're waiting to see if the neurosurgeon thinks the mri needs to happen now or if its okay to wait. depending on what he finds on her mri, she may or may not need surgery to remove the ventricle.

as a brand new mom, i now know what it feels like to not be able to help your child...that helplessness. bummer. i hate that she has to be sedated for the mri and potentially need surgery. i guess there is no reason to worry right now...we just need to wait to see how things play out. easier said than done, right?

God so evidently had His hand on our sweet girl when she came into the world, i know that He will continue to have His hand on her during this part too. please keep praying for our sweet girl!


em said...

praying!! (( hug )) xoxo

nrmartin said...

I admire your faith Amy and Aaron. I believe God has a wonderful plan for little Campbell also. You are right her life has already been a miracle and He will honor your faithfulness. We will pray for wisdom for the Drs. to know when is the right time to do the MRI and what the best treatment would be.
God bless you!

danielle said...

i meant to ask you about this at lunch.. i am a bad friend! we will keep praying for sweet campbell!!