Sunday, August 1, 2010

stacey & justin visit

stacey and justin made a trip down to oklahoma from indiana to meet their first niece! they were already made aunt and uncle from stacey's brother, bryan and his wife, jenna...they have a little boy and are expecing again next month! anyway, this was their first time meeting campbell and they fell in love! (duh! who wouldn't?!?) :) we didn't really do much, so they had ample time to love on her. we're looking forward to seeing them again next month! ...and how appropriate is the gift they gave her? aaron is really happy that she's getting some notre dame clothes


Jackie said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Cute to see Justin holding Campbell. LOVE the Notre Dame outfit. She's all ready for game days.
Only 11/2 weeks before I get to love on her! Can hardly wait!!!


CarrieJo said...

Very very cute! She is so adorable and I love the name! :)

Jessica said...

Hi Amy!
I'm not sure if you'll remember me but we used to be pals when my family lived in Edmond. My maiden name was Jessica Offutt(now Jessica Michael).It's ok if you don't-that was over 20 years ago. :) I just wanted to say hi and say congrats on your gorgeous new little one. What a cutie. I have been reading your blog and just wanted to let you know that Campbell is in my prayers. I have a son named John who turns two next month.
Have a Great Day!

Whitney said...

Three things:

1. Campbell is getting so BIG!!! I can't believe how much she's grown!!

2. Thank you very much for the link on the side of your blog...I feel so special.

3. Love the new blog background.

Lots of love!

Jackie said...

Aaron been teaching her how to change the oil in the car already????(fingernails)

I think I know how that happened for real!