Tuesday, September 21, 2010

camboni's first road trip

look at our car! this is all the junk you have to take with you when you go on a road trip with a baby! geez louise...you may be thinking, 'you probably didn't need all of that stuff...' i assure you we did - my bag, aaron's bag, campbell's bag, stroller, pack-n-play, pump, bottles, bottle sterilizer...it was ridiculous!
we went to st. louis this past weekend for a little woolsey reunion at busch stadium. it was really fun getting to be with family and getting to spend time together. this was actually ryan & lindsay's first time meeting campbell!

we broke up the drive up into 2 days and spent the night in springfield and got to see our sweet friends from searcy, josh & kelli! we always love seeing them and secretly hope that they'll move here someday :) here is a picture of kelli and cam...can you say - double chin, party of 2!

we then headed to st. louis on thursday and did a little shopping and friday we headed downtown...

then we hit up busch stadium and enjoyed an evening game and had absolutely perfect weather for a baseball game! it was wonderful...until our baby started screaming and then spit up on aaron's new cardinals tee (oops)

since it was a night game, camboni was wiped out the next day, so she did a lot of this:

campbell also picked up a new habit while we were gone...who knows, maybe it was big city life that inspired it...

overall - great trip


Lindsey said...

Look how big she is getting... Who would have known she was early!?!?! She is really feeling out! Gotta love baby chub!

Lauree said...

Just spent some time catching up on your blog. All I have to say is "She is a DOLL!" And Praise the Lord that her MRI came back okay. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Watching your kids go through medical procedures is heart-wrenching . . . especially with Campbell being so little.
We love you and are so glad to hear you are all doing well!