Thursday, October 28, 2010

campbell's dedication

campbell was dedicated this last weekend at church and it was so fun! ron and jackie were able to fly out and be a part of it which is always nice...i'm glad they got to be here for it.

she looked super cute :) and i think she really loved her dress

i wanted to post this on sunday, the day of her dedication...and if i had done that, i would have also said 'happy anniversary to kate and matthew!'


Deanne Maureen said...

She looks so pretty, just like her mommy! Oh I love you and miss you!!!

nrmartin said...

Nice pictures Amy! So glad Ron and Jackie could be there for Campbells special day.

Whitney said...

Love it! Thanks link buddy. Tell Campbell to enter my giveaway.

em said...

she looks beautiful in that sweet little dress!