Tuesday, November 30, 2010

happy birthday to me!

i turned 28 on saturday...geez i'm getting old. i'm now officially 2 years away from 30! anyway, the day was pretty much uneventful - driving 7-8 hours from indianapolis to rolla, missouri just to watch football all night.

so tonight aaron 'surprised' me with a wonderful dinner with some of my closest friends! we had dinner at bellini's and when we got home he surprised me with my favorite red velvet cake and these! :) mmmm... do i have the best husband or what?!?!

...and the best 6 month old ever!


Meghan said...

Aww how sweet of him!! You look so pretty too! And is Campbell watching Giada in the background? She would...

SarahAnn said...


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Amy - Campbell looks sooo much like you - adorable! ~Angie Armstrong

Jackie Woolsey said...

Did I miss something in the pictures? What are "these"?

Campbell is adorable as usual!!!!!

Was the cake as wonderful as it looked?


Jackie Woolsey said...

Figured "these" out, duh!!! Nice!

Couldn't see the diff. color at first, sorry.