Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i've been eating a lot of these...
(like, 4 in one day)

just ignore the chicken pieces in the background...i just cleaned up a roast chicken

but in addition to eating too many cupcakes, i've also been feeling quite domestic. i've been making baby food! :) thanks to leigh ann, i bought this

which resulted in this:

hope you're having a good week!


SarahAnn said...

I just heard about the ice cube tray trick! I really want to make my own baby food when we get to that point so you'll have to send me your tips.

Jackie Woolsey said...

You're a good mommy.
What, may I ask are those two deliciously looking entres?

Campbell looks like she's enjoying solid food.

One way to stop eating those cupcakes is to stop baking them!!!!!

Whitney said...

Campbell seems all smiles with the new food! Yum yum in the tum tum.