Thursday, December 22, 2011


i come to you today, with a sad heart. our sweet abner died this week. :( unfortunately, i witnessed him being attacked by two boxers and he died before i was able to get him to the vet. it was pretty awful for me and i cried all day. we'll always love you and miss you abner! you were a great cat!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

its beginning to feel a lot like christmas

we're been doing a few christmas-y things so far this month: we went and got our tree from a tree farm, we went to the christmas story at church where we got to do a few fun activities, and today we went and had our picture taken with santa! woo too!

i'm learning that campbell is a 'girly' girl who doesn't like feeling anything dirty or slimy or gross...see below

and our good friends were mary, joseph

and lastly, we went to see santa today. i was expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised by how well campbell did with santa. i feel like she's at the perfect age to hate santa and be 100% afraid of him. well, she didn't shed one tear and she didn't even try to wiggle out of his lap. success!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

again, its been a while...

since i last showed you the picture of our sweet girl, a lot has happened: we celebrated thanksgiving up in michigan, we got to meet baby averie (campbell's first cousin),i turned 29, i made some new nightstands for our room, the webb's had family pictures taken, and i got a retainer. i'll start with thanksgiving. one piece of advice - if you're going to be driving 18 hours with a one year old, you must have a dvd player! aaron and i would have lost our cool several times if we hadn't had one for this road trip. we really grew tired of hearing the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song, but as long as she wasn't screaming we were fine... while we were in michigan, we were able to meet the newest woolsey, averie morgan! aaron's older brother, ryan and his wife lindsay had a baby towards the end of october so we loved snuggling such a tiny, brand new baby! before we left for michigan, we were really trying to work with cam about 'being gentle'. overall she did great - except for the one time she threw a block and hit baby aves smack in the middle of the forehead. oops. it was really wonderful having all the woolseys together. here are some pictures of thanksgiving, courtesy of ryan.

i also made some new nightstands, with the help of my awesome friend, carmen. i was inspired from this website. i don't really know why, because i don't really consider my self creative. but to my surprise, they turned out great!

i'm not going to show you my 'after' photo yet, i'm just going to show you our new, improved bedroom. :) but they look just like the inspiration, only maybe a tad darker. i may not be creative, but evidently i'm really good at copying. :)

i turned 29 and got a retainer. both uneventful and painful - literally, my teeth hurt :)

i mentioned here about our webb trip to colorado and having professional pictures taken. well, since silas got sick the day of, we had our pictures redone around halloween. we had our family friend, melissa take them out at the farm and here are a few that we liked:

now we're gearing up for christmas! we're going to get our tree this week and start decorating! we're in for a busy month! happy holidays from the woolseys!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


sorry for the absence - its been busy around the woolsey house lately... but here is a recent picture of our sweet girl

Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

this last week we had the pleasure of hosting one of my best friends from college, meghan! she is in a transition period, so she had a few days to pop down from seattle for a visit. this was her first time meeting campbell, and it was love at first sight...they hit it off! these pictures are from the fall festival our church had - we won at the cake walk! woo hoo for free cake! :) ps - if you couldn't tell, cam is a garden gnome

Thursday, October 20, 2011

bella tunno

i don't know how or why i haven't heard of bella tunno before now... i'm sure i've seen their pacifier clips before, but i don't buy those, so when i found their solution sack, i was in love!

image courtesy of bella tunno's facebook page

this is the solution sack. i have the green one. the funny thing is, is that campbell isn't really to the age yet where i can giver her crayons to occupy her. i'm loving the solution sack for other reasons.

1. i don't use a diaper bag for cam now that she really only requires diapers and wipes...and i just keep those in my purse. when i take her to bsf or the church nursery, i do need something however to give them with wipes, diapers, pacifier, etc. i really don't want to have to carry 2 bags, so when i found this i immediately thought of it as the diaper/wipes bag that i can just take out of my purse and hand it to the nursery! all i had to do was put her nursery bag tag that i got here and wa-la!

2. these bags are washable! i can just throw it in the washing machine if i really need to, but the material almost feels like paper so its super light weight and wipes off easily.

3. bella tunno gives a percentage of their profits to charity. i love that!

4. when i'm ready to actually use this as the solution sack it was created to be, all i have to do is put in the bag what came with it: a disposable bib, multi-purpose pad, purell antibacterial wipes, shout stain remover wipe, band-aids, baby wipes, crayons, bic notepad and pen set!

if you have a little one(s), you should go out and get one pronto!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

october outing

today we made our way over to wings to get our pumpkins for the year! although i wish the weather had been a little cooler, we had a good time with our friends, amy and elly. i love fall!

enjoy your fall festivities!

Friday, October 14, 2011

5 years

well, we made it. we are 5 years married as of today. happy anniversary to us. today was a wonderful day! aaron's day started off a bit earlier than mine, as he went to pump iron around 5:30 am. my day, however, started off with this - he made us pancakes!

this is the first time i've ever seen him cook since we've been married!

then i got to look at these

and then feed breakfast to this sweet girl

then cam and i went to the gym and came home for our respective shower and nap and then we had lunch with aaron at iguana lounge! yum! then i went next door for a little treat :)

THEN...we had family fun day at the zoo! this was campbell's second time to the zoo, the first was when aunt mary came to visit. the weather was nice for a day at the zoo - 82ish sure felt a lot warmer while we were walking, but we enjoyed ourselves!

1. it got a little hot so we took off her pants
2. she's wearing my old lacoste shirt from when i was her age! love that!

lastly, aaron and i dropped campbell off with my parents for her weekly overnight and we headed to the ranch for dinner...we ate here the night we got engaged and every anniversary since then. its our favorite steak place!

now we're home and about to watch horrible bosses. today couldn't have been better. i love my husband. i love my girl. i love my life. thank you, Jesus!