Friday, February 25, 2011

he's done it again...

i just told campbell what aaron did for me, and this is what she did

in case you couldn't tell, she's thanking God that she finally gets to meet her aunt mary! that's right, you heard me...

aaron has been in cahoots with one of my best friends from college since november and he just spilled the beans that he is flying her here to visit! i could.not.believe it! i haven't seen mary since our wedding, 4.5 years ago. i'm telling you, aaron's on a roll with surprises! first that, now THIS! i am so excited to see her and spend almost a week with her and i'm even more excited that she finally gets to meet campbell! and what makes this surprise even more selfless on aaron's part, is that her visit overlaps his birthday...what a great man i have

for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

know what's awesome?

this guy

know why? you might think its because on valentine's day, he took me to qudoba because it was buy one, get one free if you kiss at the register. romantic, right? well we sat down and he said to me, 'you know i think you're worth more than $8.' ...and boy was he right! my real valentine's came yesterday...and it was more than $8

this is what he surprised me with

now that is awesome!

i love you, valentine

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

we've gone viral

okay, so maybe not viral, but i just saw that the photographer who did campbell's baby pictures put us on her blog! check it out here! she and her husband are expecting a little girl in april! it was so weird, because she was pregnant when we had cam's pictures and in conversation with her she was telling us that when she had their son, sullivan, they were told that he was a she. then a few weeks later they saw via ultrasound that in fact he really was a he, but in those short few weeks when they thought they were having a girl, they were going to name her cambelle :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

first things first

sorry we've been away lately...i got a new camera and i didn't have a new cord to upload the pictures to my computer...sorry!

so, we are snowed in like the rest of america...and i'm sure everyone did what i did while stuck at home...TEST RECIPES!

i made one batch of my go-to chocolate cupcakes and then made 8 different icings to go with them! phew! and then i made a lasagna for dinner! i was cooked out. aaron kept saying, 'are you done in there??'

here are the final products:

now on to filling you in on the last month...

my 'birthday necklace' finally came in...and i love it! it has campbell's initials on it...i haven't taken it off since it came in the mail. i found it here.

campbell had her 6 month pictures, one month late...she cried the whole time! ugh!
but we were pleased with the pictures that brenda was able to get. here is a sneak peek:

jackie came out the second week in january while ron was away in africa, saving the world one hernia surgery at a time. although it was a short trip, she was able to spend lots of time with cam-bone.

and while jackie was here, the weather was no nice that we decided to walk lake hefner, and we ran into lance armstrong!

that about sums it up, so i'll just leave you with some super cute pictures of our 8 MONTH OLD! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE IS 8 MONTHS OLD! what a blessing these last 8 months have been...