Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 months

holy smokes, campbell is 9 months old! i feel like i say this every month, but i can. not. believe. it! mom and i spent last weekend in austin and dallas doing some very belated birthday shopping and we picked out some super cute outfits for cam! she sported one at church today...

the proof is in the pudding

wouldn't she be the cutest burberry model?!?! :)

another thing she got on our shopping trip were some new shades - check them out

also, i've finally finished her nursery! ...with the exception of curtains. i have them, they're just not up yet. here is the finished product! we really love it!

i'm not sure what i want to do with the shelves yet...i don't like how they look...i think i want to add a third to make it look more even...and i want to change whats on them, but i will probably wait until i have a book shelf to put stuff on too. but there you have it!

we are headed to michigan on wednesday, so we'll be MIA again. if you think to, throw up a prayer for us - it will be campbell's first time flying and we will be lugging up all comes with a baby (a lot of stuff)and i think aaron is a little overwhelmed... :)

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cryanw said...

love the last pic! hilarious!

looking forward to seeing you 3 this week.