Saturday, April 2, 2011

an unfortunate first

well, campbell is sick. boo! she came down with a fever thursday night and all day friday - 101.7! other than being so hot and lethargic, she was seemingly fine. called the doctor and they said there wasn't anything at that point that they could do that i wasn't already doing, which was giving her tylenol. well we woke up this morning with no fever (yay) and this

went to the doctor and she's got the pink eye... so we've got to give her eye drops for a week. after 2 rounds of eye drops this is what she looks like

i think its pretty good that she hasn't gotten sick since she's been born...almost a whole year! keep my sweet baby girl in your prayers for a quick recovery!


SarahAnn said...

Poor baby!

But seriously, mommy. A year without being sick, and then when she gets sick it's pink eye? I'd say you're doing an amazing job!

Whitney said...

how is it your child still looks amazingly cute, even with pink eye??

hope the little patient is feeling better!