Monday, May 30, 2011

1 year old

i can not believe that my baby girl is 1 year old! the time has gone by way too fast! we celebrated campbell's birthday on saturday with just my small family and aaron's family that was here with hideaway pizza and gifts.

onto the big par-tay...

her party was yesterday and unfortunately she didn't start her day off so well. we woke up happy and right as we were about to walk out the door for church, she realized she had a fever - 102.3 cam and i stayed home 1. no feverish babies in the nursery 2. i didn't want to wear her out before the party even started, so we lounged around at home and watched a little tennis and a little indy 500. back to the party...if i had to pick a 'theme', i would say it was lollipops. all inspired by the invites that we got from toast & laurel. i was so pleased with them!

forgive the picture, its a scan not the original proof. so from the invites, i knew i wanted to use the bright colors and somehow carry the lollipop through. so here is a glimpse into the party:

here are the party favors with coordinating tags also made by toast & laurel

here is some of the food - we grilled burgers and hot dogs

...and our lovely guests

and the climax was the cake! i have never given campbell any kind of sugar, so i hoped she would be her mother's daughter and dig into the cake and absolutely love it! well, i think i may have a girly-girl on my hands because at first she just kept touching the cake with one finger; she didn't really dig in and get dirty like i had imagined. i made her cake to look like a lollipop and i iced it with cool whip so it wouldn't be so rich for her, but i did make the lollipop part with buttercream.

it was a great party! we loved celebrating our baby girl with our family and friends!
campbell has been such a joy this last year. we can't wait to see who she grows up to be...we are so thankful for her beautiful, healthy little life. thank you, Jesus! :) we love you campbell!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


watch this

remember this episode?! well, i have found myself thinking of this almost every night since mary left. why you ask? well...i sleep with a brown, chenille turtleneck. that's read that correctly. you know how some people sleep with a teddy pear or a body pillow? well i sleep with a chenille turtleneck (size xl so i could get more fabric) weird? i don't think so. when mary was here, it fell over the weekend that aaron was out of town, so mary slept in my bed with me and she found my turtleneck and asked me about it and then laughed out loud when i told her the story behind it. that got us talking about our other 'things'. mary thought most of, if not all of mine were weird. some things she found out about me in addition to me sleeping with a very soft turtleneck: when i get out of the shower, i never let the tag on the towel touch my body. also, i get an odd amount of pride/satisfaction when i see my parking spot get filled. and lastly, when falling asleep i like to grab my throat or the person sleeping next to me. i'll admit that one sounds a little strange...

what are your 'things'?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


ahhh keds...i'm pretty sure that i owned 8 pairs of keds growing up - slip ons, polka dot, red, navy, get the picture. well, we got campbell her first pair. from the same place i used to buy mine as a kid! i felt a wave of nostalgia washing over me. are they cute or what?!?! this will not be her last pair...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

our time with mary

my heart is happy. i mentioned here that mary was coming all the way from alaska to visit! well, she came and went and now i'm here to tell you about was wonderful! we were given 5.5 days to catch up on 4.5 years of life. that was probably my favorite part - simply catching up. we also went to the zoo which was fun...we got lucky and went on the coolest day of the days she was here.

unfortunately, those are really the only pictures we took the whole time she was here...bummer

i did tell her that while she was here i wanted to take her on a 'food crawl' so to speak, to some of my favorite places that may or may not be special to oklahoma. we didn't do our crawl in one day, but here are some of the places we went:

-sara sara
-hideaway pizza
-iguana lounge
-green goodies
-snow pea

i told you we went on a crawl...and i'm pretty sure our muffintops are proof - blah

we got pedicures, did some shopping, saw a couple of movies...the list goes on and on

and her visit came to an end on mother's day, my first official mother's day
...she celebrated me by waking up to do campbell's morning routine (diapering and breakfast) and then she made us this and boy was it delicious! thank you mary, for being so thoughtful! :)

mary, i love you i love you i love you! i'm so thankful you were able to come spend a week with campbell and i - we'll see you soon

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my first real mother's day

i thought i'd share a funny mother's day skit that i think is so funny! happy mom's day!