Saturday, May 21, 2011


ahhh keds...i'm pretty sure that i owned 8 pairs of keds growing up - slip ons, polka dot, red, navy, get the picture. well, we got campbell her first pair. from the same place i used to buy mine as a kid! i felt a wave of nostalgia washing over me. are they cute or what?!?! this will not be her last pair...


Nance Mommy said...

Who doesn't love a good pair of Keds? I always loved it when my mom would splurge and buy me the real thing. She just didn't understand that everyone knew they were fake if they didn't have the little blue tab on the back. They were always some of my favorites!!!

She looks very cute in hers.

Whitney said...

keds are a must have for every fashionable kid! (...and adult :))

i love the pic where she's eating them, ha!