Tuesday, May 10, 2011

our time with mary

my heart is happy. i mentioned here that mary was coming all the way from alaska to visit! well, she came and went and now i'm here to tell you about it...it was wonderful! we were given 5.5 days to catch up on 4.5 years of life. that was probably my favorite part - simply catching up. we also went to the zoo which was fun...we got lucky and went on the coolest day of the days she was here.

unfortunately, those are really the only pictures we took the whole time she was here...bummer

i did tell her that while she was here i wanted to take her on a 'food crawl' so to speak, to some of my favorite places that may or may not be special to oklahoma. we didn't do our crawl in one day, but here are some of the places we went:

-sara sara
-hideaway pizza
-iguana lounge
-green goodies
-snow pea

i told you we went on a crawl...and i'm pretty sure our muffintops are proof - blah

we got pedicures, did some shopping, saw a couple of movies...the list goes on and on

and her visit came to an end on mother's day, my first official mother's day
...she celebrated me by waking up to do campbell's morning routine (diapering and breakfast) and then she made us this and boy was it delicious! thank you mary, for being so thoughtful! :)

mary, i love you i love you i love you! i'm so thankful you were able to come spend a week with campbell and i - we'll see you soon

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SarahAnn said...

Oh I am so jealous.