Tuesday, May 24, 2011


watch this

remember this episode?! well, i have found myself thinking of this almost every night since mary left. why you ask? well...i sleep with a brown, chenille turtleneck. that's right...you read that correctly. you know how some people sleep with a teddy pear or a body pillow? well i sleep with a chenille turtleneck (size xl so i could get more fabric) weird? i don't think so. when mary was here, it fell over the weekend that aaron was out of town, so mary slept in my bed with me and she found my turtleneck and asked me about it and then laughed out loud when i told her the story behind it. that got us talking about our other 'things'. mary thought most of, if not all of mine were weird. some things she found out about me in addition to me sleeping with a very soft turtleneck: when i get out of the shower, i never let the tag on the towel touch my body. also, i get an odd amount of pride/satisfaction when i see my parking spot get filled. and lastly, when falling asleep i like to grab my throat or the person sleeping next to me. i'll admit that one sounds a little strange...

what are your 'things'?


Meghan said...

My silk pants! I still sleep with and rub them every night. I used to sleep with my care bear until college, then I switched to the silk pajama pants that I turn inside out and rub - cause pants have way more surface area than my care bear's tag (which I used to rub.) I fear for the rest of my life I'll want to rub those pants. Sometimes I ask Aaron (my Aaron :) ) if I can take them with me when we go out places. He says yes cause he loves me, but he looks so nervous saying yes. (Note: I don't take them out, but I so wish I did.)

SarahAnn said...

HAHAHAHA. I was going to comment about Meg's pants--but she beat me to it.

My things are tickling my eyelashes when I'm tired. Also color ordering my M&Ms before I eat them. Getting ready for bed in the exact same order every night. I have to use MY pillow, no one else's--and there can't be a SINGLE wrinkle in the bed (that's why I have to make it every day).