Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the mother load

so like i said before, we just got home from a long 9 day stint in colorado. we had 2 reasons for going 1. my grandparent's 60th anniversary 2. our 5th anniversary. you might be thinking, 'you and aaron didn't get married in june, did you?' no, we didn't...we got married in october. i know i've mentioned before that i want to go to 50 states for 50 anniversaries, so since we were already going to colorado with the entire webb family for gma/gpa's anniversary, i thought that aaron and i could go up a few days early and that could be our anniversary trip = scratching colorado off our list of states.

so aaron, cam, and i got to denver 2 thursdays ago and spent the weekend there relaxing and seeing old friends. we enjoyed a rockies game with sarah, trevor, and sweet baby iris :)

and we also at at park burger with my lifelong friend, leigh ann - love you leigh!

and i have to tell you that if you are ever in denver, you MUST go here, they had some of the best tasting, most unique cupcakes i've ever had...MMM

moving on...
so after our short stay in denver, we headed to breckinridge where we stayed here

it was pretty awesome. i was so thankful that we were able to all stay together and spend so much time with everyone. it really gave campbell the chance to become familiar with people she normally only sees once a week, so she really warmed up to my grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins. our week was action packed - horseback riding, bicycle riding, chipmunk feeding, white-water rafting, shopping, picture taking, game playing, eating, etc. our little family of 3 didn't partake in all of those things, but we did several of them...the proof is in the pictures

it snowed 3 inches our second day there, so we had to buy camboni a warm coat

10 years ago, all the webbs went to hilton head, south carolina for grandma and grandpa's 50th anniversary and my mom thought it would be fun to have a photographer take family pictures - well here we are 10 years later and our family has grown by 9 people! so we thought it would be nice to have a new batch of pictures taken, so we searched online and found julianna, and she was wonderful! the only bummer was that silas got sick the day of the pictures, so kim's little family wasn't able to take any pictures, so we may be having a redo this fall. julianna was really able to capture some sweet moments and i'm thankful that we'll always have these pictures to show campbell what 60+ years of marriage can look like.

oh! and cam got to meet aunt pat for the first time, and they totally hit it off!


Monday, June 27, 2011

home james

when we were little, my mom always told my brother and i that when we were going home from somewhere, we were going 'home james' and she would drag it out... me: 'mom, where are we going?' mom: 'hooooooooome jaaaaaaaaaames' :)

anyway, we are home from our 9 day vacation to colorado and until i can organize my thoughts and pictures, i'll leave you with this

Sunday, June 12, 2011

audrey hepburn - UPDATE

i have had several inquiries about campbell's sunglasses and swim suit, so i thought i'd let you know i got them here and here! it looks like they don't have the same suit for sale anymore...sorry folks

i'm fairly certain that this is what audrey hepburn looked like as a baby...don't you? i'm pretty sure we have the cutest baby in the world! i just love her...