Monday, August 29, 2011

quick trip to indiana

mom, campbell and i jumped in the car and headed to indiana for a few days to celebrate ryan & lindsay and their unborn bebe :) unfortunately for me, the day we were to leave i woke up feeling pretty crummy, but we forged ahead. i really wanted to make it a point to see some of my college friends that i never have the opportunity to see, and i'm so glad i did! i got to see garnette, lindsey and her sweet kiddos, anna, and sarah! i am so thankful for my friends - they really are great!

and how sweet is this?

so onto the real reason we went...

my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a friend threw an owl themed baby shower for my other sister-in-law and i think it went off without a hitch! hopefully, lindsay was able to enjoy herself and feel extra loved! we can not wait for their baby to be born and for campbell to have a GIRL cousin! the shower was at the creation cafe and it was so perfect! here are some fun pictures from the shower

below are the owl favors that i made for the shower. i found the idea here. i think they turned out great! i found an owl pattern online for the tags that was really easy. i have some leftover jars, so i think i may give these as christmas gifts...

we ended our trip by having breakfast with the woolseys...forgive me for looking like i got run over by a truck - i was sick all week

Friday, August 19, 2011

life planner

so i first found out about erin condren planners, here. let me just say that I LOVE MINE! my calendar/planner happened to expire september 15 of this year, so i was needing a new one anyway. after finding out about these planners i knew i had to have one. i'll let the awesomeness speak for itself...

i love the front! there are several options to choose from, but i love pictures and i know i'll never get sick of seeing my loved ones on my planner.

i love that they give you ample room to write things for each day and i love that it shows you an overview of the month before you get into that month and i love that there is a pocket and folder at the back for anything i need to keep in there, such as our tickets to my high school reunion :) ...and what i didn't take a picture of is the abundance of stickers that are also in the back for things such as birthdays, date nights, doctors appointments, etc. there is a sticker for anything and everything. and best of all - this puppy is laminated! i love that!

since i've gotten mine, i've found others in the blogosphere that have purchased them as well. here and here its pretty much like a slice of organizational heaven. if you need a new planner, i highly suggest getting one of these

Monday, August 15, 2011

bathing beauty

campbell and i just got home from visiting aunt kate in florida! we had so much fun! kate and her husband, matthew moved to pensacola, florida a few months after they were married almost 2 years ago and i haven't had a chance to visit her, as i found out i was pregnant 4 days before she got married... anywho, we got to spend 3.5 days there and she showed us where she works, and we went shopping, and we ate at some of her favorite spots and went to the beach...the whole trip was just very enjoyable.

this is norman. he is absolutely obsessed with campbell. he followed her around big time. and he's still a very lively puppy, so kate and i would have to dive in front of him, literally, to keep him from knocking her over. intense.

i love this picture. this happened a few times during our trip and i loved seeing my best friend with my baby. its just so special.

i didn't take many other pictures aside from the tons i took from the beach, so here they are!

so it was getting pretty hot at pensacola beach, so i decided enough with the cute bow pictures, she needs protection on her head/face so i put on her hat that looks hilariously cute on her...check it out

overall, i had such a good time getting to spend time with my best friend. i look forward to going back soon and bringing the whole fam! :) love you, kate!

p.s. - i'm pretty sure we were the whitest people on the beach...good grief

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a first for me

so yesterday, i did something that i've never done before and something that i never thought i'd be secure enough to do...i went to a movie by myself! :) huge, i know. campbell had spent the night with my mom, so i was baby-less yesterday morning so what did i do? i donated blood and then went to see crazy stupid love and it was crazy stupid good. i highly recommend it!


Friday, August 5, 2011

blog networking

so i saw this on my friend's blog, and like her i love discovering new blogs. enjoy perusing - i know i will! just click here to start browsing