Monday, August 15, 2011

bathing beauty

campbell and i just got home from visiting aunt kate in florida! we had so much fun! kate and her husband, matthew moved to pensacola, florida a few months after they were married almost 2 years ago and i haven't had a chance to visit her, as i found out i was pregnant 4 days before she got married... anywho, we got to spend 3.5 days there and she showed us where she works, and we went shopping, and we ate at some of her favorite spots and went to the beach...the whole trip was just very enjoyable.

this is norman. he is absolutely obsessed with campbell. he followed her around big time. and he's still a very lively puppy, so kate and i would have to dive in front of him, literally, to keep him from knocking her over. intense.

i love this picture. this happened a few times during our trip and i loved seeing my best friend with my baby. its just so special.

i didn't take many other pictures aside from the tons i took from the beach, so here they are!

so it was getting pretty hot at pensacola beach, so i decided enough with the cute bow pictures, she needs protection on her head/face so i put on her hat that looks hilariously cute on her...check it out

overall, i had such a good time getting to spend time with my best friend. i look forward to going back soon and bringing the whole fam! :) love you, kate!

p.s. - i'm pretty sure we were the whitest people on the beach...good grief


KellieF said...

awww...i love all these pics! campbell is adorable and i miss you all! lots of love!

Deanne Perry said...

Too bad I wasn't there with you...then you both would have looked quite tan compared to me!

Kate & Matthew said...

Yay!! Love it! Already miss you all!!