Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a first for me

so yesterday, i did something that i've never done before and something that i never thought i'd be secure enough to do...i went to a movie by myself! :) huge, i know. campbell had spent the night with my mom, so i was baby-less yesterday morning so what did i do? i donated blood and then went to see crazy stupid love and it was crazy stupid good. i highly recommend it!



SarahAnn said...

Good for you! I really want to see that!! Glad it's good.

Deanne Perry said...

I have gone to movies by myself for years! Only matinees, though...would be too chicken to go in the evening with a bigger crowd! I think the last one I saw alone was Sex and the City 2. It's awkward but kind of liberating at the same time, huh?

Whitney said...

good for you! i love seeing movies alone. you can see whatever you want, no one interrupts with comments AND you don't have to share that big, yummy tub of popcorn with anyone but yourself :)