Friday, August 19, 2011

life planner

so i first found out about erin condren planners, here. let me just say that I LOVE MINE! my calendar/planner happened to expire september 15 of this year, so i was needing a new one anyway. after finding out about these planners i knew i had to have one. i'll let the awesomeness speak for itself...

i love the front! there are several options to choose from, but i love pictures and i know i'll never get sick of seeing my loved ones on my planner.

i love that they give you ample room to write things for each day and i love that it shows you an overview of the month before you get into that month and i love that there is a pocket and folder at the back for anything i need to keep in there, such as our tickets to my high school reunion :) ...and what i didn't take a picture of is the abundance of stickers that are also in the back for things such as birthdays, date nights, doctors appointments, etc. there is a sticker for anything and everything. and best of all - this puppy is laminated! i love that!

since i've gotten mine, i've found others in the blogosphere that have purchased them as well. here and here its pretty much like a slice of organizational heaven. if you need a new planner, i highly suggest getting one of these

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