Monday, August 29, 2011

quick trip to indiana

mom, campbell and i jumped in the car and headed to indiana for a few days to celebrate ryan & lindsay and their unborn bebe :) unfortunately for me, the day we were to leave i woke up feeling pretty crummy, but we forged ahead. i really wanted to make it a point to see some of my college friends that i never have the opportunity to see, and i'm so glad i did! i got to see garnette, lindsey and her sweet kiddos, anna, and sarah! i am so thankful for my friends - they really are great!

and how sweet is this?

so onto the real reason we went...

my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a friend threw an owl themed baby shower for my other sister-in-law and i think it went off without a hitch! hopefully, lindsay was able to enjoy herself and feel extra loved! we can not wait for their baby to be born and for campbell to have a GIRL cousin! the shower was at the creation cafe and it was so perfect! here are some fun pictures from the shower

below are the owl favors that i made for the shower. i found the idea here. i think they turned out great! i found an owl pattern online for the tags that was really easy. i have some leftover jars, so i think i may give these as christmas gifts...

we ended our trip by having breakfast with the woolseys...forgive me for looking like i got run over by a truck - i was sick all week


Deanne Perry said...

Super cute shower!!!

So...were you just sick-sick, or is there a paricular reason for your sickness.... ??? ;)

Whitney said...

An owl-themed baby shower??? Sounds like Campbell and cuz are destined to be Chi O's...just sayin! Here's to the pledge class of 2030!