Wednesday, September 7, 2011


i've done it again - i saw a movie alone. today, i saw 'the help' and it was so wonderful! it made me really excited to read the book. i think that in general, i've decided that i prefer to see a movie first and then read the book. i've been disappointed in the past by reading a book first and picturing the characters one way and then when i see the movie i feel like the characters are a different way. this way, if i see a movie first, those are the characters i visualize and picture as i read the book. :) go see 'the help' - you'll feel better having seen it



Michelle said...

A couple if weeks ago when I was in Edmond I wanted to see this so bad. I had already read it. I should've asked you if you wanted to go. I still haven't seen it and
of course it's not showing in Ponca City anymore.

Jackie said...

Read the book AND saw the movie. Liked both very much. Could go see it again.