Thursday, October 20, 2011

bella tunno

i don't know how or why i haven't heard of bella tunno before now... i'm sure i've seen their pacifier clips before, but i don't buy those, so when i found their solution sack, i was in love!

image courtesy of bella tunno's facebook page

this is the solution sack. i have the green one. the funny thing is, is that campbell isn't really to the age yet where i can giver her crayons to occupy her. i'm loving the solution sack for other reasons.

1. i don't use a diaper bag for cam now that she really only requires diapers and wipes...and i just keep those in my purse. when i take her to bsf or the church nursery, i do need something however to give them with wipes, diapers, pacifier, etc. i really don't want to have to carry 2 bags, so when i found this i immediately thought of it as the diaper/wipes bag that i can just take out of my purse and hand it to the nursery! all i had to do was put her nursery bag tag that i got here and wa-la!

2. these bags are washable! i can just throw it in the washing machine if i really need to, but the material almost feels like paper so its super light weight and wipes off easily.

3. bella tunno gives a percentage of their profits to charity. i love that!

4. when i'm ready to actually use this as the solution sack it was created to be, all i have to do is put in the bag what came with it: a disposable bib, multi-purpose pad, purell antibacterial wipes, shout stain remover wipe, band-aids, baby wipes, crayons, bic notepad and pen set!

if you have a little one(s), you should go out and get one pronto!

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Michelle said...

I spend more money cause I read your blog....I'll be purchasing one of these, first the planner now this!