Saturday, December 3, 2011

again, its been a while...

since i last showed you the picture of our sweet girl, a lot has happened: we celebrated thanksgiving up in michigan, we got to meet baby averie (campbell's first cousin),i turned 29, i made some new nightstands for our room, the webb's had family pictures taken, and i got a retainer. i'll start with thanksgiving. one piece of advice - if you're going to be driving 18 hours with a one year old, you must have a dvd player! aaron and i would have lost our cool several times if we hadn't had one for this road trip. we really grew tired of hearing the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song, but as long as she wasn't screaming we were fine... while we were in michigan, we were able to meet the newest woolsey, averie morgan! aaron's older brother, ryan and his wife lindsay had a baby towards the end of october so we loved snuggling such a tiny, brand new baby! before we left for michigan, we were really trying to work with cam about 'being gentle'. overall she did great - except for the one time she threw a block and hit baby aves smack in the middle of the forehead. oops. it was really wonderful having all the woolseys together. here are some pictures of thanksgiving, courtesy of ryan.

i also made some new nightstands, with the help of my awesome friend, carmen. i was inspired from this website. i don't really know why, because i don't really consider my self creative. but to my surprise, they turned out great!

i'm not going to show you my 'after' photo yet, i'm just going to show you our new, improved bedroom. :) but they look just like the inspiration, only maybe a tad darker. i may not be creative, but evidently i'm really good at copying. :)

i turned 29 and got a retainer. both uneventful and painful - literally, my teeth hurt :)

i mentioned here about our webb trip to colorado and having professional pictures taken. well, since silas got sick the day of, we had our pictures redone around halloween. we had our family friend, melissa take them out at the farm and here are a few that we liked:

now we're gearing up for christmas! we're going to get our tree this week and start decorating! we're in for a busy month! happy holidays from the woolseys!


Sarah Ann said...

Omigosh. She is so sweet. Ame, she looks JUST LIKE you. Absolutely precious.

Meghan said...

I love it! That first pic of Cam and Averie is really funny, kind of weird and funny :) And that pic of Aaron and Cam reading - precious! You should sell that to people who make picture frames, it'd be the perfect fake picture when you buy it.

Props on the dressers! Can't wait to see the bedroom. Did you return the bedspread? Have you decided if you're going to paint? Does Cam want to come to Paris for Christmas??

Whitney said...

I love these pictures of sweet Campbell! AND I can't wait to see the after from your nightstand project. Muah!