Saturday, December 10, 2011

its beginning to feel a lot like christmas

we're been doing a few christmas-y things so far this month: we went and got our tree from a tree farm, we went to the christmas story at church where we got to do a few fun activities, and today we went and had our picture taken with santa! woo too!

i'm learning that campbell is a 'girly' girl who doesn't like feeling anything dirty or slimy or gross...see below

and our good friends were mary, joseph

and lastly, we went to see santa today. i was expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised by how well campbell did with santa. i feel like she's at the perfect age to hate santa and be 100% afraid of him. well, she didn't shed one tear and she didn't even try to wiggle out of his lap. success!

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Jackiie said...

I'm not the least bit surprised that she's a "girly" girl! By the crease on her forehead, she's not completely sold on the whole Santa thing! So cute, however!