Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas recap

so christmas has come and gone, and here we are at january 1, 2012. good thing i started the day off right, with a big johnnie's burger and dr. pepper. i'm already finding success with my eating healthy in 2012 resolution - NOT! oh well, hakuna matata. i digress...

aaron's parents came in the wednesday before christmas and it was nice having them here so we could all enjoy each other. of course, campbell got some pretty great gifts so that means its about time to sort through her toys she already owned to pick some out to donate. we were also able to spend time with all of the webbs over at my grandparents house, which is always fun. here are some of our pictures - enjoy!

christmas is always a time when people come home to visit family, so some friends from high school and i were able to get together for a fun dinner. its always fun for me to spend time with friends who i've known since childhood. :)

goodbye 2011 - we're so grateful for all of our blessings! i hope and pray that in 2012 we can embrace all that comes our way and always be thankful.


The Mrs.! said...

What a sweet family! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings your way!

Sarah Ann said...

I was supposed to start eating healthy today too.

I did manage to bypass all the church donuts and muffins and just eat a yogurt instead, but as soon as I got home, I downed a leftover almond croissant, a breakfast burrito...and I'm thinking a bowl of ice cream is in order this afternoon.