Monday, March 26, 2012

amy woolsey or olivia benson

for those of you who don't know who olivia benson is, she's the detective on law & order: svu. she's pretty awesome. anyway, i thought i'd give an update about something that i've dealt with today. remember when i mentioned that abner died?

that was back in december - fast forward to the first week of march and i got a letter in the mail and on the envelope i noticed it said something about a court appearance. i was instantly bummed, as i thought i was getting jury duty. well as i opened it and read it, i realized that i was being summoned to court to be a witness for a 'failure to confine dogs' charge. yikes! so the court date was originally for two weeks ago, but the defendant was ill so we rescheduled for today. when i first got the letter i was afraid that the animal control lady accidentally wrote up my citation and added that i wanted to take this man to court (which i didn't), so i call up the courthouse and ask and the man on the phone if this was the case and he said no. so i instantly get very excited on the phone saying, 'so this is going to be like law and order!?! i'll have to take the stand!' and he very quickly burst my bubble telling me that this was in fact not like law and order at all because it wasn't a criminal case.

and i have to say that it totally was like law and order! at first we had to 'all rise' and then i had to stand in front of the judge and hold up my hand and promise to tell the truth. then i told my story and was asked questions by both the representative for the city and the judge. then the defendant's lawyer asked me questions - totally trying to downplay my story and what i saw. then the city and the defendant's lawyer questioned the animal control lady who took my citation. and twice the defendant started whispering to his lawyer and the judge snapped at him, sternly telling him to be quiet! i couldn't believe it! then the lawyer makes her closing remarks as does the city and then the judge gave her ruling, disagreeing about everything the lawyer had just said. oh, and i forgot to mention that the defendant plead 'not guilty' at the very beginning. well, the lawyer found him guilty and doubled his fine! and was tempted to even raise it $300! she basically said to him that i (amy) have done him a big favor by not pressing more severe charges against him as she would have. then she said that if she ever sees him in her courtroom again, she'd 'sock it to him fine wise' and she was totally in my corner! woo too! it was all very hard core and i was so nervous the whole time.

i'm so glad that this is over, but we're going to have to really be careful about this neighbor because he was very agitated that he was found guilty and was very defensive and confrontational.

abner - 1
boxers - 0


Justin said...

tell aaron to load the shotguns

Deanne Perry said...

So proud of you, Ame! I was thinking of you today and hoping it went well...and it sounded awesome! I'm so thrilled that some justice was done. You go, girl! Love you :)