Thursday, March 1, 2012

its been a while

well its ten a while since i updated about our family - unfortunately i don't really have any updates :) campbell did turn 21 months old the other day and i absolutely can't believe it. she will be 2 in 3 short months! she's growing up right before our eyes and looks more and more like a little girl with each passing day.

i had a dentist appointment the other day for myself and thought that it wouldn't hurt to take her and get her used to the dentist and what they do there, now that she's got 10-12 teeth. at first she was really hesitant - clinging to me and kind of whimpering, but at soon as the hygienist started working on my teeth she became very curious and i think she was fine with it all. she wouldn't really show april (the hygienist) her teeth, but she was able to see what she needed to AND she scored a new toothbrush with piglet on it :)

in other news, our household has given up sweets for lent...ugh, its so hard! i'm fairly certain i had a headache for 4 days straight when lent first started. however, i'm proud to say that i haven't cheated yet (no dr pepper or sweets) and as far as i know, aaron hasn't cheated yet either. hooray!

how boring are we?!? :) to spice this post up, i'll leave you some of my favorite photo booth pictures of our hambone

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Sarah Ann said...

I can't can't can't believe she's going to be two. Unreal.
And no DPs??!! GOOOOO AMY!