Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring has sprung

happy st. patty's day! i hope you're wearing your green! if i'm being honest i'm not wearing green, but i'm just at home so no one can pinch me :) its been so nice around here lately - the high 70's, so we've been playing outside more, which campbell is loving! also, we had our first mommy and me gymnastics class this week. i think i was more excited about that than hambone, but i think she enjoyed it. unfortunately, i didn't get any pictures because it was go go go, but she did somersaults and walked on the beam and played in the foam pit! another thing we tried for the first time was swim lessons! we went to water babies today and campbell had the best time! she really was great at kicking her legs and surprisingly great when i dunked her! we will definitely be coming back to water babies! luckily, aaron was there today to snap a few pictures and take some video - i haven't uploaded any of the videos yet, but i'll put some on here as soon as i do.


Deanne Perry said...

Oh what fun things to do together! Campbell sure does look like a natural in the water. Miss you so about that phone/Skype date??? :)

Sarah Ann said...


And I love both your suits! We're probably hitting the beach with the grandparents this summer. Iris needs a suit...and momma needs a one piece. Ugh. Suggestions?

Garnette said...

You both are so cute!! Love you Amylicious!!